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Biomes[edit | edit source]

There are a variety of kinds of biomes in CryoFall, such as:

There are also three quests related to biomes: Explore Biomes - Part One, Explore Biomes - Part Two, Explore Biomes - Part Three and Explore Old Ruins.

Sub biomes[edit | edit source]

Sub biomes are small areas that appear multiple times in the greater biomes.

  • Lake Shores: get Sugar or Stale Water
  • Meadows: grassy green small areas inside Forests. Here you can find herbs and berries
  • Rocky Areas: gray/brown small areas. Here you can harvest minerals
  • Clay Pits: small red/brown areas all over the map
  • Salt Flats: small dark grey areas inside the Barren
  • Ruins: small light gray areas. Beware of radiation!

Map[edit | edit source]

World map at November 2019 (A24 release):

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