Wheat Grains

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Wheat Grains
Wheat Grains Icon.png
Grains harvested from wheat field. Can be processed into flour or prepared for planting.
Item information
Item type
Plant, Material, Recreation
Stack size

Used in recipes[edit | edit source]

Input Crafting Station Output
Wheat Grains Icon.png Wheat Grains
Sugar Icon.png Sugar
Fermentation Barrel Icon.png Fermentation Barrel
Beer Icon.png Beer x5
Wheat Grains Icon.png Wheat Grains x5
Sand Icon.png Sand x5
Mulch Icon.png Mulch x1
Farming Workbench Icon.png Farming Workbench
Wheat Seeds Icon.png Wheat Seeds x1

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Wheat Seeds can be planted in Farm Plots where the player can increase the yield and speed of crop growth with the use of Fertilizer, Mulch, and water.
  • Wheat Grains are useful in some cooking and recreation recipes, but cannot can be eaten raw.

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