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Twigs Icon.png
Just some random twigs gathered from the ground or from a tree. Could be useful to craft simple tools or burn in a fire.
Item information
Item type
Material, Fuel
Stack size
Fuel worth

Piles of Twigs lie all over the ground in forest biomes. They can also be gathered from bushes or received by cutting trees.
This material is not only of use in early game for making stone Tools or your first Buildings, but makes also a good fuel.
So keep picking it up while walking around!

Usage in recipes[edit | edit source]

This list is maybe not complete.
Stone Axe Icon.png Stone Axe
Stone Knife Icon.png Stone Knife
Stone Pickaxe Icon.png Stone Pickaxe
Torch Icon.png Torch
Stone-Tipped Arrow
Iron-Tipped Arrow
Splint Icon.png Splint
Simple Toolbox Icon.png Simple Toolbox
Bedroll Icon.png Bedroll
Campfire Icon.png Campfire
Water Collector Icon.png Water Collector
Skull On A Spike Icon.png Skull On A Spike

Console[edit | edit source]

Console command:
/addItem Twigs [count]