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All crafting tables must start with Template:Crafting segment header template, then contain one or more of Template:Crafting segment row and end with Template:Crafting segment footer.


{{Crafting segment header}}
{{Crafting segment row
{{Crafting segment footer}}


Input Crafting Station Output
Iron Ore Icon.png Iron Ore x5
Furnace Icon.png Furnace
Iron Ingot Icon.png Iron Ingot
Banana Icon.png Banana
Pineapple Icon.png Pineapple
Durian Icon.png Durian
Cooking Table Icon.png Cooking Table
Fruit Salad Icon.png Fruit Salad

{{Crafting segment header}}
{{Crafting segment row
|input={{ItemSmall|Iron Ore|5}}
|output={{ItemSmall|Iron Ingot}}
{{Crafting segment row
|input={{ItemSmall|Banana}} {{ItemSmall|Pineapple}} {{ItemSmall|Durian}}
|station={{ItemSmall|Cooking Table}}
|output={{ItemSmall|Fruit Salad}}
{{Crafting segment footer}}