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These mushrooms are called rustshrooms for their deep color. They are quite tasty when cooked, but poisonous when eaten raw.
Item information
Item type
Food, Material
Stack size

Found in most biomes, they are a key component in early medicine. Can also be cooked to be made edible. Eating one raw will cause the following debuffs:

Used in recipes[edit | edit source]

Input Crafting Station Output
Rustshroom Icon.png Rustshroom x1
Campfire Icon.png Campfire
Roasted Mushrooms Icon.png Roasted Mushrooms x1
Green Herb Icon.png Green Herb x2
Rustshroom Icon.png Rustshroom x1
Waterbulb Fruit Icon.png Waterbulb Fruit x1
Cooking Table Icon.png Cooking Table
Medical Laboratory Icon.png Medical Laboratory
Herbal Remedy Icon.png Herbal Remedy x1
Vodka Icon.png Vodka x5
Green Herb Icon.png Green Herb x5
Rustshroom Icon.png Rustshroom x2
Pink Mushroom Icon.png Pink Mushroom x2
Fermentation Barrel Icon.png Fermentation Barrel
Tincture Icon.png Tincture x5