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Rope Icon.png
Just normal rope. Can be used in a variety of ways. Excess rope can be burned.
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A Rope is a basic crafting material used for stone Tools, making early game armor and some structures.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Input Output Crafting Stations

Fibers Icon.png Fibers x10


Usage in recipes[edit | edit source]

Stone Pickaxe Icon.png Stone Pickaxe
Stone Axe Icon.png Stone Axe
Stone Knife Icon.png Stone Knife
Stone Pickaxe Icon.png Stone Pickaxe
Braided Helmet Icon.png Braided Helmet
Braided Chestplate Icon.png Braided Chestplate
Braided Pants Icon.png Braided Pants
Quilted Hat Icon.png Quilted Hat
Quilted Helmet Icon.png Quilted Helmet
Quilted Coat Icon.png Quilted Coat
Quilted Pants Icon.png Quilted Pants
Closed Metal Helmet Icon.png Closed Metal Helmet
Metal Chestplate Icon.png Metal Chestplate
Metal Skull Helmet Icon.png Metal Skull Helmet
Metal Leg Armor Icon.png Metal Leg Armor
Wooden Watering Can Icon.png Wooden Watering Can
Drying Cabinet
Wooden Barrel Icon.png Wooden Barrel
Fermentation Barrel Icon.png Fermentation Barrel
Floor Rug Icon.png Floor Rug

Tech Group[edit | edit source]

No technology needed.

Console[edit | edit source]

Console command:
/addItem Rope