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A mineral highly sought after. It combines unique properties not found in any other common substances. Pragmium can be used in high-tech equipment or even as a power source.
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Pragmium can be retrieved from a Pragmium Source or Small Pragmium Node. While a Pickaxe can be used, the pragmium source will explode when done, killing any beings nearby. To mine pragmium safely, use a Pickaxe until the node is roughly 60% gone (or more), then use a Mining Charge to blow the node up. Once the charge is set, run away as quickly as possible. Once the source has been blown up, many individual small pragmium nodes will appear.
Pragmium can also be recovered by looting Pragmium Beetles.
When you are near a Pragmium Source, you will take psi damage.

Used in recipes[edit | edit source]

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