Neural Enhancer

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Neural Enhancer
Neural Enhancer Icon.png
This disposable neural enhancer contains preprogrammed nanomachines. Artificially expands neural connections in the brain, increasing complexity of thoughts. Instantly gives learning points upon usage.
Item information
Item type
Consumable, Medical
Stack size
Medical information
Medical Toxicity
Modding information
Primary proto class
Implements interfaces
IProtoItem, IProtoItemUsableFromContainer, ProtoItemMedical

Crafting Recipes[edit | edit source]

Input Crafting Station Output
Pharmaceutical Chemicals Icon.png Pharmaceutical Chemicals x100
High-Tech Components Icon.png High-Tech Components x5
Power Cell Icon.png Power Cell x1
Plastic Icon.png Plastic x20
Medical Laboratory Icon.png Medical Laboratory
Neural Enhancer Icon.png Neural Enhancer x1

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