Mineral Oil Canister

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You can fill an Empty Canister with mineral oil by interacting with an Oil Refinery or with some sort of barrel (like Wooden Barrel or Metal Barrel).
Mineral Oil is used mainly for crafting Plastic. Mineral oil is located in the Desert biome and is highly contested on PvP servers.

Mineral Oil Canister
Mineral Oil Canister Icon.png
Canister with mineral oil.

Capacity: 20

Item information
Item type
Stack size

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Input Output Crafting Stations

Mineral Oil Canister Icon.png Mineral Oil Canister

Uses[edit | edit source]


Crafting Station Use

Tech group[edit | edit source]

Console[edit | edit source]

Console command:
/addItem CanisterMineralOil [count]