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Milkmelon Icon.png
Item information
Item type
Food, Material
Stack size
Medical information
Food Restored
Water Restored
Medical Toxicity

Used in recipes[edit | edit source]

Input Crafting Station Output
Milkmelon Icon.png Milkmelon x1
Salt Icon.png Salt x1
Bottle With Pure Water Icon.png Bottle With Pure Water x1
Cooking Table Icon.png Cooking Table
Milk Icon.png Milk x3
Empty Bottle Icon.png Empty Bottle x1
Milkmelon Icon.png Milkmelon x1
Sand Icon.png Sand x5
Mulch Icon.png Mulch x2
Farming Workbench Icon.png Farming Workbench
Milkmelon Seeds Icon.png Milkmelon Seeds x2

Tips[edit | edit source]

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