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Dropped from chopping down trees (0-4). Used to craft a few basic items. Can also be turned into Mulch in a Mulchbox

Leaf Icon.png
A leaf... Probably from a tree.
Item information
Item type
Stack size

Used in recipes[edit | edit source]

Input Crafting Station Output
Leaf Icon.png Leaf x1
Workbench Icon.png Workbench
Fibers Icon.png Fibers x3
Leaf Icon.png Leaf x5
Fire-Charred meat Icon.png Fire-Charred meat x1
Roasted Mushrooms Icon.png Roasted Mushrooms x1
Salt Icon.png Salt x1
Cooking Table Icon.png Cooking Table
Medical Laboratory Icon.png Medical Laboratory
Improvised MRE Icon.png Improvised MRE x1