Laser Rifle

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Laser rifle emits quick pulses of high-energy light, mostly in infrared spectrum, that burns the target. Offers much higher firing rate than laser pistol at a cost of higher energy consumption.

This is a ranged weapon that can be found in Tier IV technology under the Energy Weapons category.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Stack Size: 1

Durability Max: 1,600

Fire Interval: 0.15

Corresponding Skill Energy Weapons 1 Icon.png Energy Weapons

Weapon Range 10

Raw Damage 9

Damage Multiplier 1

Range Multiplier 1

Armor Piercing Multiplier 1

Energy use per shot 20

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Copper Ingot Icon.png Copper Ingot x120

Plastic Icon.png Plastic x40

Optical Components Icon.png Optical Components x25

Power Cell Icon.png Power Cell x1

Usability[edit | edit source]

This is the first electric based rapid-fire weapon that you will come across. It boasts the fastest firing rate of all the energy weapons and can be useful if you don't wish to spend time using supplies to make ammo. This weapon instead uses charged Standard or Large Powerbanks in order to fire the weapon. The downside is the relatively low raw damage that it dishes out along with the fact that you will be set back some pragmium.