Improvised MRE

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The first food recipe unlocked via technology (Cooking 1). The MRE restores the same hunger and thirst as its components, however it lasts significantly longer before spoiling.

Improvised MRE
Improvised MRE Icon.png
This meal is prepared with a few simple ingredients and salt as the main preservative. Stores well for a long time without spoiling.
Item information
Item type
Stack size
Medical information
Food Restored
Water Restored
Medical Toxicity

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Input Crafting Station Output
Leaf Icon.png Leaf x5
Fire-Charred meat Icon.png Fire-Charred meat x1
Roasted Mushrooms Icon.png Roasted Mushrooms x1
Salt Icon.png Salt x1
Cooking Table Icon.png Cooking Table
Improvised MRE Icon.png Improvised MRE x1