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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for CryoFall. Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[edit | edit source]

CryoFall is a survival / crafting game with focus on pvp. So most of the time you are gathering resources or Food, crafting equipment or Tools and growing your base. You can go out hunting animals - or be hunted by the local fauna or other players ;) Later on, you will venture out to raid old Ruins in order to get high grade materials needed to craft the most advanced pieces of Technology. The following sections describe these gameplay elements in more detail.

Quickstart: You want to know, what to do/build/craft first after your arrival at the unknown planet?
Luckily the game has a great tutorial. Simply follow the Quests given in the upper right corner of the screen. (There are no quest NPCs). These quests guide you through the early game and let you build all essential Tools and Buildings. (Actually the quests guide you even until the late game.)

If you are on a hurry: At the bottom of this article, you find a list of short tips & tricks.

Survival[edit | edit source]

The character needs to eat and drink to survive. Hunger and thirst are shown as colored bars in the right bottom corner of the screen. If the green bar gets empty, you die of hunger. The blue bar is for thirst. So always keep an eye on these and stockpile Food and water.
At the beginning your character drings water from Waterbulb Fruit and other berries. One of your first goals (after crafting tools of course) is to establish a secure source of pure water: Build one or two Water Collectors. Don't drink salty or stale water, you will regret it. Read the tooltip of possible food. It will tell you whether or not it is edible - most of the berries and fruits are.
Obviously, you can fry fresh meet at a Campfire, by hunting animals, but it is safer to roast mushrooms.

Keep in mind: nearly every food spoils. The spoil meter is shown as a circle on the top left corner of the item. It starts full and green and gets yellow and finally red. Don't eat or drink something with a red spoil meter. You will get nausea.

Crafting/Farming[edit | edit source]

You craft very basic Tools from the crafting window (key 'C'). These are e.g. Torch, Stone Pickaxe and Stone Axe. For making other stuff, you build special workbenches like Workbench, Armorer Workbench or Cooking Table. By interacting with these buildings you get a similar crafting window - where you find other recipes.
An important step in the early game is to build a Furnace (or better two). You use it to smelt ore into for instance Iron Ingots or Copper Ingots. These materials are required in lots of recipes and enable you to craft metal Tools and weapons.

Once you manage to find seeds, you can start Farming (mechanic). (Seeds can also be found in Ruins, but that topic is not for early game.)
You start by placing some Farm Plot. Interact with it while a type of seed is selected and the character will plant that seed. You can than water and fertilize the plants. They will grow slowly - so do something different in the meantime. At the Farming Workbench, you turn the fruits into (more) seeds. This way you should stock up seeds.
Don't eat all of your very first fruits! No seeds - no more fruit.

Base Building[edit | edit source]

Some basic structures can be build without special tools. For most Buildings you need special Tools. Important: Your buildings will disappear (decay) when built outside one of your Land Claims!
So be sure to build at least a structure called Land Claim Tier 1. When doing so, a green area becomes visible, showing your claim - the safe range to build things on.
And even with a land claim built, your base will slowly degrade! To prevent that, you have to visit each of your base regularily - at least every 32 hours real world time (server setting).

You will be limited in how many land claims you can place (depending again on server settings). So choose your location wisely. Your first base should:

Nice to have:

  • a lake or the sea nearby (Sand, easy prey animals)
  • near a patch of Meadows for herbs and mushrooms

Skills/Technology[edit | edit source]

CryoFall has no character classes. But there are skills which provide bonuses for particular actions (gathering, harvesting wood or minerals,...). These skills will automatically level up while carrying out the matching action. Example: If you chop down trees a lot, you get better in that.

Besides that, you get experience in the shape of 'Learning Points' (LP) for almost everything you can do in CryoFall. So you don't have to slaughter mobs all the time.
(Sure, some actions are better than others for gaining LP. But that is no topic for this guide.)
The LPs are used to unlock new tech groups or particular technologies. You have to research a tech group first to enable the root tech of that tree.

Controls[edit | edit source]

These are the most important key bindings:

  • Movement: W,A,S,D. Hold Shift to sprint
  • Aiming: mouse
  • Atacking: left mouse button
  • Gather/interact: right mouse button
  • toggle Inventory: 'E'
  • toggle Crafting: 'C'
  • toggle Building: 'TAB'

Tips and tricks for beginners[edit | edit source]

Eat & Drink[edit | edit source]

  • Follow the tutorial to build essential tools and equipment.
  • Gather Waterbulb Fruit (the blue, glowing berries) as your first water supply.
  • Don't drink salty/stale water or eat food whith a red spoil meter.
  • Build a Campfire to fry mushrooms or meat.
  • Build a Water Collector to drink from.
  • Soon you will be able to craft Empty Bottle in which you can carry your water supply around.
  • Food that is nearly spoiled can still be cooked/fried. The result will be fresh again.

Crafting & Materials[edit | edit source]

  • Always pickup Twigs, Fibers and (at least at the beginning) Stone from the ground while walking. The easy way to find seeds is by picking up fibers. That event is rare so collect fibers often. (The other way is raiding Ruins.)
  • You will soon have more Twigs than you need for crafting. Use it as Fuel in a Campfire or Furnace. This is the fastest way to get Ash which you need for e.g. Raw Glass. You can produce for instance Charcoal which itself is a fuel.
  • Have at least two furnaces. You will constantly need Iron Ingot, Copper Ingot and Raw Glass. Smelting these in parallel is a must.
  • Start chopping rubber trees early. You will need the natural rubber to craft rubber later on.
  • Searching for Sand? Take your pickaxe to a lake/sea beach.
  • Need salt? Simply fill your bottles with salty water at the sea beach and cook it. See tech Cooking 1

Hunting & other dangers[edit | edit source]

  • Some animals are easy pray and drop usefull materials and you get LP. See peaceful creatures
  • Stay away from Wolf, Boar, Snake and Crab until you've equipped a ranged weapon
  • Hostile creatures will pursue you if you enter their aggro range. In that case sprint away using Shift key.
  • You can get rid of creatures following you by walking up or down a ramp. In most cases the animals will get stuck or simply stop.
  • Don't visit Ruins until you are well equipped. Because of the radiation you need at least a Respirator.
  • Plan forward. If you want to venture out, choose the right tools/equipment and dont forget supplies (food/water/healing)
  • In case of Death you loose all items in your inventory and quickbar. So take only necessary items with you. In that case, you have one hour to retrieve your stuff from your corpse. Hopefully, now one steal from you...

And at last...
Have fun playing CryoFall!