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Bioreactor Icon.png
Decomposes organic matter into methane gas, which is used to produce small amounts of electrical energy. Not suitable as the primary source of electricity.

Building category: Industry

Wire, Iron Ingot, Electrical Componenets

A bioreactor uses various created and harvested materials to provide power to a base at a rate of 2 eu/s. It uses the item's Organic Value to fuel the machine. For example, a Bell Pepper has an Organic Value of 3, so it would fill the Bioreactor 3 ticks.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Energy Production[edit | edit source]

The bioreactor has a maximum storage of 500 'ticks'. Each 'tick' lasts for 8 seconds, and each second it grants 2 energy. This means that if you use the Bell Pepper from earlier, you would be able to produce 48 energy for yourself.

Organic Value/Ticks= 3

Tick length= 8 seconds

Energy per second= 2

3 x 8 x 2 = 48 total energy from one Bell Pepper.

At its maximum it can hold a total of 500 ticks of energy. This means that a Bioreactor completely filled will give a grand total of 8,000 energy and will take approximately 66.6666... minutes (Or just over one hour) to fully expend itself.

Tech group[edit | edit source]